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        Veken ? Technology Innovate Life!

        Founded in 1993

        Veken New Energy is committed to becoming the world’s best battery module manufacturer and expert in the overall solution of secondary energy batteries. The products have been applied in 2-wheel electric vehicle, electric scooters, handheld power, AGV, forklift trucks, portable medical devices and energy storage products.

        TO BE THE BEST

        Ningbo Veken New Energy Co., Ltd. as an integrated lithium-battery-system supplier takes designing battery management system (BMS) and developing and manufacturing battery pack as the core business. The company with the registered capital of 30 million CNY is one of the subsidiary corporations of the A-shared list Veken Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 600152). The company has the independent BMS development ability and battery pack automatic production technologies which ensure the products, services and solutions with high quality, high punctuality, high flexibility and high professional and optimal cost-effectiveness. The future vision of the company is to becoming the global high-end supplier of lithium battery system.

        Veken ? Technology

        Our target is to provide high-quality products, on-time delivery, flexible production, professional customer service and best cost-effective solutions?to the customers.

        Intelligent production

        Veken?technology based?on the automated production lines?and data production traceability systems?builds an advanced intelligent manufacturing process system?according to the development?needs of the industry. The introduction of advanced battery manufacturing technology combines the?integrate production system and intelligent technology, and established the leading position of Veken?technology in the 3C digital market and power battery market.

        Production workshop

        To achieve project development, raw material inspection, traceability of production processes, seamless quality control system, and continuous improvement.

        Technical capability and product features of vico

        • High safety
        • Excellent endurance performance
        • Long cycling life

        Applicable to any industry

        Perfect solution

        Principle 2485 provides 360° service delivery/customer quality management

        Four segments: electric bikes/scooters, smart appliances, power tools, industrial vehicles and robots.

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