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        A legend with a history of more than 20 years

        Lithium battery integrated solutions provider

        The products of Veken New Energy?mainly applied in consumer electronics?and industrial type. The application areas include 2-wheel electric vehicle, electric scooters, handheld power, AGV, forklift trucks, portable medical devices and energy storage products.

        The R & D team of Veken New Energy?was created?by the experts with more than 15 years lithium-ion batteries packing industry?experiences. The team has full services including customized solutions, design, manufacturing?after-sales services?for our customers. The company has a 20,000 m2?plant with a capacity of 200 million W/h cells and 600 million W/h packing.

        Talent strength

        It has more than 200 r&d and design personnel of lithium ion battery, including 6 doctors and more than 20 masters

        Advantage field

        New materials such as graphene and silicon negative grade have leading advantages in research and application

        Patent technology

        93 patents were applied for, 32 patents were authorized (including 21 invention patents and 11 utility model patents)

        Science and technology projects

        The demonstration of energy storage power station;The development of lithium-ion battery pack used in wind power conversion;the application of graphene in lithium-ion batteries, etc.

        Three major production bases

        Our products are sold all over the world. Our aim is to be the secondary energy experts, the customer-respected and staff-proud stars enterprises.

        ? Ningbo production?base: Ninbo Veken Battery Co.?Ltd., Ningbo Veken New Energy Co. Ltd.

        ? ? ?Dongguan production base: Dongguan Yongwei Technology Co.?Ltd., Dongguan Veken Battery Co.?Ltd.

        India production base: India Delhi Company, India Dammam Company.

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